Hello everyone. Maurice here. No witticisms today, no wry words dripping with inevitability, no dark magic.

As one of the millions of Americans experiencing the Covid-19 Pandemic, I am distancing myself and being responsible. I am washing my hands, using hand sanitizer, and keeping myself shut in with my wife and my dog unless we vitally need something (or if the dog has to poop). Times are hard. You no doubt have noted that signals have not been forthcoming this past Monday, this past Thursday, nor today. Signals are something that require me to dredge up the willingness to look into dark corners. Right now… there’s more than enough darkness to go around without knocking over rocks to find it. I’ve had my fill, presently.

Signals are going to be sparse for a bit. I may be working on other projects, some of which I may share here. I just need to pull my foot off the pedal briefly to refill my mental health reserves.

I will do my best to surface occasionally and to brief the folks who keep up with this project here. I have no intention of stopping, but the usual order of things has been upended and I have to take the time to breathe.

The Archmagus, Eli, Angels, Hunters, and the Cogs of the Great Engine have not stopped broadcasting. This is but a lull as a greater storm rages.

I will return – hopefully soon.

Weather the storm. Be safe. Be kind. Do good.


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