Nobody makes orphans quite like writers do.

We’ll take the raw stuff of creativity and forge a newborn being out of lies. We’ll tell you who they are, how they got to be here. We’ll guide you through the process of how they shape the world around them (also made of lies) then set them loose until interesting things happen. You’ll see their trials, their travails, their scarification and resultant growth. For your enjoyment. Because we’re compelled to.

Sometimes, we’re not compelled enough. Sometimes the process sputters. Usually because something shiny gets our attention. Or we have to go back to the world and work for someone else’s unformed dream. Because life sucks and it drags us from the things we love doing in exchange for that which we must do.

And when that happens, the fictional character orphanage is open for business. Our half-formed, unfulfilled dream kids shuffle into some dustbin somewhere to languish amidst all of the pictures we never shared and the ideas we decided to discard. Dreams deferred.

To make A Strange Signal, I often have to go back to the home for wayward protagonists and whip those orphans back into fighting shape. This page probably contains ninety-five percent orphans. The other five percent are monsters and cultists.

Maybe that estimate is off. But, in my defense, I’m a creative, not a mathematician. I lie for fun in the hopes you’ll like me. Or at least my work.

Please like my work.

I don’t want to keep making orphans.

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