Hey everybody, no art today. I’m going to step outta the weirdo mode for a second. Kinda. To ask you a quick favor concerning promotion.

I hit a benchmark: thirty posts, thirty days. I made my deadlines save for one day, and promptly fixed that issue within a few hours. And, largely, the posts seem to be getting a fair amount of traction. There are a few kind folks who have seen the prayers I offer to my altar, and, in turn, I have noted that they too seem to be aligned well with the good work.

What I could use help with is good old fashion proselytization.

If you see a signal on the site that resonates with you, if it’s frequency makes you hear a hum in your brain, or it rattles the fillings in your teeth, or if it helps you see through to something weird and quaintly terrifying… boost the signal.

There are lots of ways to boost the signal. The simplest is to share that cool Facebook post with your fellow eyeball owning tribes. Retweet that Tweet into the unwitting ears of your fluttering flock. Do… whatever it is that Instagram is for (when I get to it – still figuring out how to best tackle that part). I even have a bunch of signal pins to share on Pinterest (still not sure what to do with all of these killing jars – the pins I figured out). If you need a little return tweeting and cross-promotion, sure! I’m a polytheist at heart. I can offer goods from your own personal altars as well, and gladly.

Let’s worship all of our pantheons until something comes through the barriers. A sign. A signal. Or even a couple bucks in our Patreons. Or, maybe some strange angel, high on prayers and looking to score some more sweet, sweet belief.

Okay. I didn’t stop being weird. Not sure how to turn that part of me off.

Additionally, today, from my personal book of psalms, I offer a few otherworldly hashtags that I’ll be using as I continue being a better and braver weirdo.

#boostallofthesignals #astrangesignal #terribletruth

Boost the signal. Let’s keep things weird.

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