You may have noticed last week that a new font appeared, indicating a new addition to the growing family of oddballs and misfits that inhabit the world of A Strange Signal. His morbid monastic views are sure to return again, and it shan’t be the last you hear of the Keeper. But, I wanted to stop for just a moment. To let you in on a few things about this world of mine.

You may have noted the typefaces mentioned earlier. Each one is a distinct voice (save for one that speaks for many), sometimes attached to a name, sometimes to a title. Each dispenses their own tidbits and morsels of hard-acquired knowledge and experience. Eli searches for his muse in a graffiti-styled hand. The Archmagus dispenses terrible truth from a dilapidated typewriter. The Hunter’s hand-writes his notes, while Auntie Bellum broadcasts in a feminine cursive. Then, there are the cultists, who are legion, writing in tall, cramped letters. The Keeper joined only recently, though he has been lurking for some time, waiting to speak to young Eli as he violates natural law while traipsing through the underworld. His is a monster movie marquee, harkening back to the Black Lagoon.

It’s no coincidence. They speak in their own voices, their own styles. Each has something to impart that you’ll need to hear to survive in a world that broadcasts a strange signal that only the privileged few can hear across many worlds.

Keep tuning in, and listen for another new voice to join shortly. They’ll have brave new insights and conspiracies for you to ponder, even ruminate upon. Just make sure you’re ready. Terrible truths await. New factions will rise. The great game will continue.

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