Just as a brief note on some things you might see in the next couple weeks. A Strange Signal is work very different from my previous efforts. The whole process has been a learning experience for me, and a part of that is the voices involved. At first, there was one voice, the Archmagus. This voice was the beginning and the end, a wizened practitioner dispensing ominous warnings, questionable advice, and cryptic mysteries. In time, it grew to encompass voices like Eli or the Cultists. Now, there are the Canine Masters (who are getting short shrift recently), The Hunters, The Keeper, and the Theorist.

Over the coming weeks, there will be some updates. This will be a slow process. But, you may look back to some of your favorites and see that sometimes, the Archmagus has really been the Theorist or even Eli. I won’t be making much of a fuss over them apart from this post and to tag them as Remastered.

With that said, go back to loving Fridays, sacrificing to the angels that make them possible, and buying things in order to devalue them through the dark magics of capitalism.

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